Why Women Write: New Voices of Russian Prose

Why Women Write: New Voices of Russian Prose
Natalya Lomykina

Journalist, interviewer.

Born in Kursk, Russia.

Graduated from Moscow State University, with a PhD in Journalism and Russian Language Stylistics.

In 2018 won the Revisor prize – as Journalist of the year.

From 2003 until 2011 was the correspondent and editor of the Meanings in Readings literary program (Kultura TV Channel)

Has been a literary reviewer at Forbes magazine since 2011. Lomykina has also authored a number of analytical research studies on the state of the book market and bestsellers’ ratings, as well as multiple reviews of children’s, teen and adult new releases in literature.

From 2011 until 2020 she was the in-house literary reviewer for RBC. Style. From 2012 and until now – author and host of the weekly literary program Reader’s Diary at Sputnik Radio. An incredible interviewer, over the years Lomykina has interviewed with such writers as Alexey Ivanov, Evgeny Vodolazkin, Guzel Yakhina, Dina Rubina, Ann Tyler, Amos Oz, Orhan Pamuk, Liana Moriarty, Yu Nesbo, Dan Brown, Salman Rushdie, Jonathan Coe, Philip Mayer, Anna Gavalda, Fredrik Buckman, Ruth Ozeki, and so on., making her an almost unique mix of literary critic and interview journalist.