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Dear Friends!
In 2021, Russia’s participation in the London Book Fair will be online with a mix of live presentations and prerecorded video talks. This year’s theme is: EVERYONE NEEDS A LITTLE RUSSIAN LITERATURE.
The eight days of Read Russia programme begins on Thursday, June 24 and goes through Thursday, July 1. Live events with writers, translators, critics, and lectures by contemporary Russian authors surveying the Russian literary scene.
Dostoevsky and Dickens have become synonymous to Russia and Great Britain. On the 200th anniversary of the birth of Fyodor Dostoevsky, this lecture by Dmitry Bykov delves inside the most Russian and the most British of writers and shows how true genius can never belong to just one nation. The Tale of Two Writers: Dostoevsky as the Russian Dickens.
Deputy director of the Russian State Children’s Library Denis Beznosov talks about the 2021 IBBY International Congress, and Russian children’s literature and the vital role of cultural exchange.
Critic and journalist Natalya Lomykina will give answer for very important and topical question: Why women write? And talk about new voices of Russian prose.
Author and literature professor Andrei Astvatsaturov surveys today's literary scene in Russia and speaks to emerging themes and trends among leading writers.
Author, editor, critic, and publisher Vadim Levental tells it like it is about the Russian classics.
Author German Sadulaev on Russian writers (and sex) and writing (bestsellers) in the 1990s and 2000s.
Author and translator Andrei Gelasimov – on Russian literature as superweapons and more.
And more presentations of the Russians publishers and information about new books. Check back often – new speakers and topics are being added every day. The working language is English.
Come join us for a free, fun Read Russia Program, brought to you by Institute for Literary Translation and Yeltsin Centre! No registration is required.

Read Russia, founded in 2012, is an initiative based in Moscow, New York, and London to celebrate Russian literature and Russian book culture through innovative programmes and projects. Supporting the translation and publication of Russian works, Read Russia provides international audiences with fresh opportunities to engage - in person, on screen, and online - with Russia's leading literary figures and heritage. Support for Read Russia comes from Russia’s Russia’s Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media, the Institute of Translation, the Yeltsin Centre, and other foundations and philanthropists supporting.