On Art of Literary Biography (and Not Just That)

On Art of Literary Biography (and Not Just That)
Lev Danilkin

Writer, biographer, translator.
Born in Vinnitsa, Ukraine. Currently resides in Moscow.
Graduated from Moscow State University with a PhD in Philology.

Danilkin is the author of three major biographies - The Man with an Egg: the life and views of Alexander Prokhanov (shortlisted for the Big Book and National Bestseller prizes), Yury Gagarin (won the Alexander Nevsky prize), and Lenin. The Pantocrator of Solar Dust (won Russia’s largest literary prize, the Big Book Award, and became Book of the Year in the Prose category).
He is also the author of three critical reviews of modern Russian literature: The Parthian Shot (2006 in review), A Wander through the Guts of a Beggar (2007 in review), and Numbered from the Rear (2008 in review).
As a fiction writer, Danilkin has published Kludge, a collection of essays and short stories. He is the editor of a collection of selected works of Vladimir Lenin (Lenin: Pons Asinorum).
A well-known Anglophile, Mr. Danilkin has translated Julian Barnes’ Letters from London into Russian.
In 2008, Danilkin was Jury Chair for The A.S. Pushkin Lyceum Prize awarded to Russian authors under 35, and has been a recurring member of the jury for the Russian-Italian Gorky Prize (2007 – 2015), and the National Bestseller Award (2002).
In 2017-18 he taught a course in Modern Russian Literature at the philological department of the Higher School of Economics.
His books have been translated into Italian, Polish, Serbian, Hungarian and French.

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