Why Write? What to Write About? A Contemporary Writer’s Contemplations

Why Write? What to Write About? A Contemporary Writer’s Contemplations
Alisa Ganieva

Writer, critic, editor.

Born in Moscow, Russia, raised in the Republic of Dagestan, Russian Federation. Currently resides in Moscow.

Graduated from Gorky Literary Institute with a degree in literary criticism.

Ms. Ganieva is an editor at NG - Ex Libris newspaper.

Ms. Ganieva made her debut as a writer under the male pseudonym Gulla Khirachev with Salam Dalgat, a story about the Northern Caucasus. Her first fiction novel, Holiday Mountain, about the possible separation of the Caucasus from Russia and life between Islamism and globalization was shortlisted for the Yasnaya Polyana prize. In 2015, Ganieva’s novel Bride and Groom was shortlisted for the Russian Booker and ended up winning second place – a grant for translation and subsequent publication in the United Kingdom. In 2015, Ganieva was listed by The Guardian as one of the “Most influential people under 30 living in Moscow”. In July 2020, The Guardian included her book Holiday Mountain into its list of “Top 10 novels that take place in Russia”.

Ganieva’s book Bride and Groom was published in English in September 2017. Same publisher, Deep Vellum, published Alisa’s The Mountain & the Wall in Carol Apollonio's translation with Ronald Meyer’s introduction in 2015.

Her works have been translated into German, English, Spanish, Italian and French.

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