What’s New in Literature?

What’s New in Literature?
Andrei Astvatsaturov

Writer, TV/radio personality, Assistant professor at St. Petersburg State University, director of Nabokov House and Museum (St. Petersburg).

Born in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Graduated from St. Petersburg State University with a Ph.D. in Phililogy.

Author of the following novels: People in the Nude (2009), Skunskamera (2011), and Autumn in Pockets (2015); a book of essays Not Only Salinger (2015); three monographs; and over 100 articles on various topics in the fields of American and English literature. He specializes in Henry Miller and T.S. Eliot.

His debut novel People in the Nude (2009) was shortlisted by the New Literature prize and the National Bestseller and longlisted by the Russian Booker prize. In 2010, Astvatsaturov was awarded TOP-50. Famous People of St. Petersburg prize for People in the Nude, and the novel was named book of the month by GQ magazine. It was also included in the top 50 best books of 2009 in NG Ex Libris newspaper, a supplement to Nezavisimaya Gazeta newspaper. In 2011, Skunskamera was shortlisted for the Sergei Dovlatov Award, The New Literature prize, and Top-50; and longlisted for the National Bestseller and Big Book awards.

Astvatsaturov writes autobiographical prose that explores his past and his city, Leningrad-St. Petersburg, with a humor that his publisher compares with Woody Allen’s.

Astvatsaturov's books have been translated into Italian, French, Hungarian, Czech, and Finnish.

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