Russia: Utopia and Dystopia

Russia: Utopia and Dystopia
Maria Galina

Fiction writer, poet, translator, literary critic.

Born in Tver (Russia). Currently resides in Moscow.

Galina is known for often incorporatin strong elements of fantasy and myth into her writing.

Maria Galina made her debut as a published fiction writer in the late nineties, as Maxim Golitsyn, with the novel A Time of Losers. Her first poems were published in Russia in 2000. Galina has gone on to publish, first as Golitsyn then as Galina, several other novels, including Little Boondock, Mole-Crickets, and Autochthons, all of which were shortlisted for the Big Book Award, in 2009, 2012, and 2016 respectively. Mole-Crickets won second prize in Big Book’s reader voting as well as several prizes for science fiction and fantasy writing. Autochthons received the Big Book's second readers' award; it was also a finalist for the National Bestseller Award. Galina has received prizes for her poetry, too, including the Moscow Count award. Galina is also a literary critic and deputy head of the literary criticism department at the prestigious literary journal Novyi mir, for which she writes a regular column about fantasy and futurology.

In 2017 L`Organisation came out in France, published by Agullo (translated by Raphaëlle Pache), with support from the Translation Institute.

Autochthons is currently being translated into English by Lisa Hyden.

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