Is It Possible to Teach How to Be a Writer

Is It Possible to Teach How to Be a Writer
Maya Kucherskaya

Literary critic, professor of literature, teacher of creative writing, writer of fiction and nonfiction.

Born in Moscow, Russia. Currently resides in Moscow.

Graduated from Moscow State University.

Maya Kucherskaya’s highly diverse writings include fiction – her first novel The Rain God won the Student Booker, while her second novel, Auntie Mina, won the Big Book Reader’s Choice Award – as well as academic works, book reviews, and Faith & Humor: Notes from Muscovy, a book about Russian Orthodoxy. Kucherskaya has worked in other genres, too: she wrote a biography of the Grand Duke Constantine Pavlovich Romanov for the celebrated Lives of Extraordinary People series, as well as a book of gospel stories for children. She’s also a literature columnist for the Vedomosti newspaper.

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